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3rd Year Practical Exam

National University of Bangladesh has issued a notice about Honour's 3rd year practical examination. The Notice was issued in 31st December 2020.According to the Notice, Honours 3rd year practical examination has been started from 26th December 2020. It will continues upto 31st January 2021.

Examination Center can collect necessary document from the official website of national university which To download the document, it needs to provide User name and Password.  This notice is applicable for the Hounours 3rd Year 2019 Session only. 

Honours 3rd year practical routine download

Here is the routine of honours 3rd year practical examination. You can download it to become aware about the examination routine. 


That's all about the NU 3rd Year Practical Examination Notices. If you have any suggesion or query feel free to contact with us though our contact us page


Author: Meher Nigar

Published: Dec. 31, 2020

Modified: Dec. 31, 2020